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Out of the four themes of autistic independence I came up with, the one I'm going with is:
Self-Reg and Environmental Control - The most important independence; the ability to control my own sanity.
Here are several major facets to Self-Reg and Environmental Control that I'll try to capture:
  • Hot water - Open access to hot water
  • Lock - Having a lock on my door
  • Habitat - Being able to create my sensory habitat with no risk of it being disturbed, such as my many colourful lights, collections of things, plants, fish, birds, and throw pillows.
  • Sleep - Being able to sleep when I want
  • Food - Being able to buy/eat what I want, and eat it whenever I want
  • Wife - My therapy wife, and when I can't have wife, my therapy bird, who can be really terrible at his job.
  • Medication.
  • Accessories (headphones, sunglasses, soft and/or modified clothing, weighted things, cane, fidget toys and such)

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