Anie Knipping | Paradise Found and Lost
Once upon a time, something bad happened and I became a drifter for about two years. It became my one of my two life goals to have a place of my own with a lock on the door (the other; to get published). I spent my time decorating it in my head.

Then, one day, I finally got an apartment. I was so proud that I took all these shots of it, some during the day and some at night, sometime in 2005.

It was short lived, however. A year later I would lose my job and ultimately come to realize that I could neither work nor live on my own. Pretty as this room looks, I still spent much of my time in my wife's apt down the hall.

With my money dwindling and my health fading, I was forced to give it up. The pictures at the bottom are the remains of what was. The couch was later sawed in half and dumped. The carpet, which I had spent $1k on and was immensely proud of, molded in storage and was thrown out as well.

Wife saved me by letting go of her smaller apt and securing a larger one that we now live it together. It is a better, warmer paradise, but I will never forget this small space in time.